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* Videos (also designated as *-Videos) is a 2018 Indian Tamil cybercrime thriller drama film directed by Sajo Sundar, which is also his directorial debut. Inspired by the real-life h***en-c*m p********y cases, the film depicts social awareness and cautions against such d****y works. It was released on 1 June 2018 in Tamil. Based on its content and subject, the film was given an A certificate.

This movie is the first production of Colour Shadows Entertainment and this production unit is a result of like-minded friends coming together, to produce social awareness films and handle controversial subjects.[citation needed] The film was shot in Tamil and Hindi simultaneously.

The film's idea was conceived by the director Sajo Sundar when one day he found a video clip on the internet which featured his close friend's wife fully na**d. Shocked by this incident he further researched the world of h****y and discovered that there were many more such cases, sometimes that had led to the suicide of the affected person. He decided to direct a social awareness movie that would warn men and women about the risk of saving their personal videos on their mobiles. He wanted to reveal the m****a behind such crimes and how they made money in crores by doing so.

Manoj a journalist sets on to find out an answer for the question "Is there any use of Porn industry to the Country? Manoj tries to find out the opinion of the common people on Porn websites, he ends up in a big jolt and shock about his findings. In this research, he happens to see his friend Ankith's wife's n***d video on a p*** website. When Manoj shares this information, Ankith kills himself in shame. Manoj begins his secret investigation, on how could a personal video get posted online. Along with Daniel, his fellow journalist, and his buddy Sub-Inspector Imran he gets deep into this. In this investigation, they find out it was Vikram and his associates who operate the p***n websites and their various ways and means of collecting the videos. Though Manoj writes about Vikram in his magazine with proper evidence, Vikram escapes with anticipatory bail. How Manoj and Imran trap Vikram and does Vikram and his associates get caught and brought to justice forms the rest of the story.

The poster of the film was revealed in October 2017 and its trailer was released on 11 May 2018 on YouTube. After the trailer release, the director and the crew received numerous messages and phone calls sharing experiences on the menace of **** sites.

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