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Why The Mullet Will Always Be In Style

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The mullet is back! Everyone has an opinion on the mullet - you either love it or hate it. Did you know the mullet has been around in history since prehistoric times? Back then there was no name, it was just a haircut that kept hair out of the eyes but also kept your neck warm. It was until the 21st century, the haircut got its name mullet.

What’s once thought as tacky has become cool, especially with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Keke Palmer, Halsey, and Barbie Ferreira having the cut. On TikTok there are tons of videos of everyone trying it out, in DIY situations stuck in quarantine. Some associate the haircut with tackiness but now, it’s about self-expression and freedom. In the sense of being free of who you are and not caring what anyone thinks. Of course that’s different from what it was in the 70s and 80s. Every male rocker had the cut and soon it became outdated, just like the music. But when females rocked the cut, people saw something different. Cher, Joan Jett and more were rebellious, so people remember the haircut for that.

What is your opinion on the haircut? Do you love it or hate it? Will you ever get one? Which celebrity’s mullet do you prefer? We love hearing from you! Let us know in the comments. For more videos on fashion and beauty, subscribe to The Talko. Don’t forget to turn on notifications so you don’t miss a thing.

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Written by: Maria L.
Narrated by: Cammie York
Edited by: Steven Suñe

For copyright matters please contact us at: legal@


0:00 INTRO
0:45 Revival
3:55 Fashion
6:26 History
7:58 70’s and David Bowie
9:43 80’s
11:17 90’s
13:03 How did it comeback?
16:16 END

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