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What Will BURN THROUGH First? (Dual Action, Rotary or Forced-Action) | DETAIL MYTHS DEBUNKED

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This video is sure to catch the attention of Detailers around the world! It's time to finally debunk the age-old question of which style of polisher cuts the FASTEST! What will burn through the Clear Coat first? Dual Action Orbital? Rotary? Forced Action? Let's find out!

It's very rare that you get the opportunity to get THREE detailers to run THREE machines on ONE hood. The idea behind the video is simple, find out which machine will cut the fastest while eliminating as many variables as possible. The Dual Action, Rotary, and Forced-Action were all equipped with the SAME pad, SAME compound, and calculated to run at the SAME speed. This video was made to show just how long it takes to actually damage paint. You would have to stay in the same spot for several minutes to even make a dent in the coating with the style of pad and compound we used. Hopefully this proves that polishing is not as scary as it looks.

The Hood you see was pulled from the junkyard after extensively measuring the paint thickness to assure that the starting point was as close as possible for all 3 machines. The taped off areas were measured to be as close to each other in thickness as possible. The rules were simple, run the machines for a period of time and measure the depth of the paint and heat between sessions. Pads were all cleaned at the same time to create an equal playing field. What happened in the end was what we LEAST expected.

What did you think would cut through the fastest? Dual Action vs. Rotary vs. Forced Action. Let us know in the comments!

TRC Premium Pearl Towel:
The Last Cut (TLC) Compound:
Paint Depth Gauge (Affiliate link):
Rupes Rotary (Affiliate link):
Flex 3401(Affiliate link):







Hosts: Anthony Fisher, Levi Gates, Yvan Lacroix
Recorded by: Jimmy Wilkey, Dane Hennen
Edited by: Tim O'Brien

Content provided courtesy of The Rag Company ©2020

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