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What if Jon Moxley Became Dean Ambrose During AEW Invasion? - WWE Invade AEW 3 (WWE 2K)

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Jon Moxley sold out All Elite Wrestling to re-form The Shield & once again become Dean Ambrose. The invasion is now on. Filmed in WWE 2K using mods.

Previously After the takeover was finalized, The Shield members Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins lead the invasion into AEW dynamite and began decimating their roster, one man at a time. It appeared as if Jon Moxley had arrived to save AEW, but that wasn't the case. Moxley re-aligned with The Shield and went back to his WWE roots as Dean Ambrose.

Mr McMahon then confirmed that a WWE vs AEW invasion PPV would take place on the WWE Network, putting on some of the most wanted crossover matches that we could dream of. Roman Reigns will face Kenny Omega & Brock Lesnar will face Brian Cage in just two of the matches listed on this huge Wrestlemania like show.

Mod creators:
New Jon Moxley by JoeMashups
Jon Moxley in intro & Brodie Lee by Grix
Chris Jericho, Bobby Lashley by Seth Rollins by JoeMashups
Roman Reigns by Be Like No One
Adam Page by Joe Mashups too.
Sammy Guevara by windingsheet
Jake Hager by Breezus
Pentagon JR by DFM85
custom Moxley AEW theme
Cody by Ripz

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