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WE SPEND $11000 DEAL OF A LIFETIME Action Figures Star Wars Hotwheels Storage Wars Abandoned Auction

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We spend $11,000 on this deal of a Lifetime.

If you want to see Part 2 and some UNBOXING Videos from this deal please make sure to SubScribe LIKE and most Importantly Let us know in the comment section that you want to see more.

By the time it was all done we got around 25,000 Action Figures 20,000 to 30,000 Hotwheels ,
3000 Records and much more.

There is Nothing more fun then Bidding on Abandoned Storage
You can Watch Rene and Casey Nezhoda in their Storage Wars Adventures by Subscribing!

You can also watch us on A&E's Hit show Storage Wars !!!!!

Check out our Ebay store at :)

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We Try to share as much educational stuff that we can so you can go out and make more money !s about 11kPart1

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