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Rules Batman Always Has To Follow

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Over the years, DC's artists and writers have told all kinds of Batman stories — and Batman himself often changes along the way. But there are a few key aspects of the character that always stay the same… almost always, at least. These are the rules Batman has to follow.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when, but at some point during the last 80 years, the silhouette of the bat became more closely associated with a DC superhero franchise than, well, actual bats.

The basic elements of the Batman costume are essential to his identity in ways that don't necessarily apply to other fictional characters. For instance, Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine in multiple X-Men movies but doesn't wear his iconic mask once, and that works just fine — because as long as you can see Wolverine's claws, you know he's Wolverine. Additionally, the attitude and mannerisms define James Bond more than any specific visual cues. But Batman needs his Batsuit, and a big part of that is the insignia.

Now, there have been a few occasions on which Batman has foregone the insignia - his Insider suit doesn't have it, for example, and certain alternate versions of the character don't use it, either. But these are rare exceptions that prove a very important rule: namely, that the big bad bat symbol is as much a part of the character as Alfred or the Batmobile. Get rid of it, and you might as well be reading Daredevil.

Watch the video for more rules Batman always has to follow.

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The insignia | 0:00
Bat-ears | 1:09
Mortal combat | 1:59
Detective skills | 3:08
Son of Gotham | 3:57
The Batmobile | 4:53
Lair of the bat | 5:49
Allies | 6:37
Bat-tech | 7:38
Death in the family | 8:42

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