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Rebecca's Twin Reveals Her Real Parents! Searching for Missing Best Friend

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Is that RZ Twin's Real Mother?

First Rebecca Zamolo created "How to WIN a DATE! Nerd Vs Popular Girl Challenge to Reveal Rebecca's Secret." Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Maddie SECRET REVEAL with Strangers in Our HOUSE Challenge!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Eating Only One Color Food For 24 Hours Challenge." Now Maddie is missing so we need to put together the clues we have so far. Maddie and Rebecca made a detective board to find the truth. Daniel helps us track down the location of Kingpin who might have taken Maddie. When we go to that location we see that RZ twin is with Kingpin and calls her mother. When the squad gets back to the house Matts best friend has met with the game master. He said that Rebecca would know that there are two people she needs to meet with. Who are they? Make sure to watch the 50's video to figure out the clue. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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