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If you didn't understand what I, as Lexi, said at 3:10, then here you go -

"Okay, so, there was this guy at the club, who came and sat besides me at the, you know, club bar, that centre part But, he said that he was really stressed. So as a good citizen, and a friendly person, I just said "Hey! What's wrong?" And decided to have a friendly chat with him. So can someone please explain to me, why the heck did i wake up at the backseat of his car, all undressed, the next morning? So, I did something any sane person would do - Scream."


The notice in the beginning of the video is important!


This is my second mini movie xD Hope you like it! Stay tuned for part 2!


If you're confused about anything, feel free to ask it!


#Gacha #GachaLife #GLMM #GachaLifeMiniMovie

Nova ❤️

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