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My Problem with Third Person Action Games | Sidcourse

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Third person action games have become the defining titles in modern game libraries. However, they're a problem for me.

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VR Footage provided by LambHoot

Additional Gameplay provided by World of Longplays


Video games are incredible and the third-person action game has become one of the most popular genres there is. For me whoever, because of my own blindness, I can't see half the screen and the positioning of the player character always gets in my way. In this essay, I'd like to demonstrate what it's like to play from my perspective.

#videoessay #videogameaccessibility #visualimpairment


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Hi, my name is Sid and I produce video essays, podcasts and dissections of video games, television shows, films and art on my channel; Leonardo Da Sidci. It's my aim to create stylish and substantial content that is both engaging, entertaining and informative in a format that encourages discussion.

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