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Movie Remakes That Were Better Than The Original

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Nothing is absolute, certainly not in Hollywood, and while it may be true that remakes are almost always worse than the originals, there are some notable exceptions. In fact, some remakes aren't just as good as the original, they're even better.

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and the rest of the Rat Pack were riding high in the early 1960s, so they decided to make a movie. The result is Ocean's 11, a film which feels like a big-budget vanity project because, well, it is. Frank Sinatra stars as Danny Ocean, who assembles his 82nd Airborne buddies to rob five Las Vegas casinos on New Year's Day.

In 2001, Steven Soderbergh and a crew of Hollywood's coolest remade Ocean's Eleven into the film the original wanted to be. George Clooney assumes command as Danny Ocean, with Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts joining the crew. The resulting film showcases a heist story that moves as confidently as its star-studded cast.

Disney was in a dark place in 1977. The studio's Golden and Silver Ages of the 1930s through the late 1960s were over, and Disney was clearly adrift on the animation front as well as in its live-action offerings. Case in point? 1977's Pete's Dragon. While the story of an orphan boy named Pete and his magical dragon named Elliot effectively mixes live action and hand-drawn animation, that's about all it does well.

However, studio execs saw something in the story and brought it back almost 40 years later in 2016's Pete's Dragon. The remake fared a bit better critically, thanks to incredible special effects and a stellar live-action cast rounded out by Robert Redford.

John Wayne made a career out of playing John Wayne, and in so doing became one of America's most iconic movie stars ever. But out of all of Wayne's movies, only one won him an Oscar: 1969's True Grit. Based on Charles Portis' 1968 novel, True Grit tells the story of a young girl named Mattie Ross who hires the drunken, eyepatch-wearing Marshal "Rooster" Cogburn to hunt down the man that killed her father. Keep watching the video to see all the movie remakes that were better than the original!


Ocean's 11 | 0:13
Pete's Dragon | 1:00
True Grit | 1:41
The Thing | 2:44
Heat | 3:44
It | 4:30
True Lies | 5:23
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels | 6:19
The Fly | 7:33
Little Shop of Horrors | 8:30
Scarface | 9:11
The Wizard of Oz | 10:08
The Last of the Mohicans | 10:48

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