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Max & Cletus [Complete Trilogy] (2015)

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The trilogy of Max & Cletus videos were uploaded separately to the main "Void Eon" channel during my second weekly-upload schedule of 2020. I have decided to privatise them and re-upload the whole trilogy in one video here because the original intent of uploading this last year was just to maintain a weekly-upload schedule and I don't want these videos to be featured on the main channel after further thought.

Max & Cletus - 0:00
Max & Cletus 2 - 10:47
Max & Cletus 3 - 32:27

----------Original Descriptions---------

┣ Max & Cletus (uploaded: July 3rd, 2020) ┫

Max & Cletus was one of my very first collaborations with my best friend George. Filmed on the 24th of October 2015 (sometime around 1:30 PM). This was filmed by my friend Andre who I still see sometimes because we go to the same school. Next week I'll upload the continuation of this just like how I said it'd be continued at the end of the video. There's also another Max & Cletus production we did in which the characters go inside of a video game which we filmed on the same day up until 12 AM, that'll be released as well. The only other Max & Cletus material I can think of were these little promos George and I filmed in which we'd have individual turns talking to a camera as the characters and going through a rundown of what they were like which ended with Cletus running away with the camera through the street with Max chasing after him. If I ever find that footage it'll be released. Was me slapping George in this production foreshadowing me slapping George in the first episode of The Concrete Club? Maybe, maybe not.

┣ Max & Cletus 2 (uploaded: July 11th, 2020) ┫

This is the second Max & Cletus video. Filmed right after the first. I'd say this one is way better than the first. George even turned it into some kinda psychological horror at times. I can tell the novelty of my old videos is starting to wear off with you guys so I made the thumbnail extra interesting to show off how wild this video is because otherwise you probably wouldn't watch

┣ Max & Cletus 3 (uploaded: August 23rd, 2020) ┫

Hello. On the 11th of July I decided to stop my weekly uploads schedule. Here I am again. The choice to upload old/lost videos was wrought solely from my weekly uploads schedule. I thought I could maintain creating original creations more productively but I don't know what went wrong along the way and I was left in a weird spot. I wanted to continue the weekly uploads though so in all honesty I kinda just uploaded the old videos just for the sake of filling in the weeks. But I mean, they're at least somewhat entertaining maybe? And there is quite the novelty to them for me, especially All Over Again.

And y'know what? It doesn't completely matter anyway because my channel is nothing more serious than just a thing I do for fun. Which I guess is what makes the weekly uploads decision a bad one.

So with that in mind: why have I uploaded Max & Cletus 3? Well I've already uploaded the first two videos, I just had to finish off what I had started. This will be the last Max & Cletus video unless I find any more lost footage or if George and I decide to film another one. As for the future of this channel: weekly uploads will continue for the next five weeks. I'll only upload one more lost video which'll be a review I made for Donkey Kong Country Returns in 2018 for a school project. After that the remaining weekly uploads will be brand new content I'm actually quite excited to upload.

Look, there's a lot to talk about and elaborate on in regards to my channel and the direction it's taking and even the philosophy of how much it really even matters. Perhaps I'll make a video talking about this. Anyways, have a pleasant day and I'll see you when that Donkey Kong Country Returns video gets uploaded.

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