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Marvels Avengers Game | BETA Details | Everything We Know

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Marvels avengers game everything we know. What's up guys? RBG here bringing you more coverage on Marvel's Avengers. I know you guys have been waiting to hear what I think about the recent War Table stream. And I just gotta say that I was thoroughly impressed with what we received. I loved the fact that the BETA is gonna be packed to the brim with content. We're talking Hero Missions, challenges, and War Zones. With that said there were some things that gave me a sour taste in my mouth. So we're gonna talk about it. But before we know do so I wanna give a shout out to today's sponsor, G2A. If you're looking for a way to purchase the hottest video games without burning a hole in your wallet you should really consider checking them out. They offer key codes for different platforms such as Steam, PS Network, and Xbox for half the price as the original. Why wouldn't you wanna take advantage of this deal? I you absolutely lose when you overpay! So go ahead and cease the win. You can do so by clicking the link that'll be provided in the description box below. But as I was saying Square & Crystal Dynamics once again outdid themselves on the latest war table stream. And I wanted to take the time to go through Marvels Avengers everything we'll be getting in the upcoming BETA. Firstly I wanna get this outta the way because I'm soarly disappointed with this particular featurette. And that's the inclusion of the A-Day mission or the Golden Gate Bridge demo as they like to call it. Square says that the BETA will kick off with the full A-Day demo that's been shown off a million times throughout. And as we all know the 20 minute footage ended up being leaked anyways. So by the time they decided to release the official demo trailer we already knew what it consisted of. The A-Day footage was featured in so many videos that it became redundant. And I mentioned in my previous video that I personally thought that they should avoid adding this demo and give us something different. But after thinking it over it's the only way players will get the chance to try out the unique combat and traversal for all of the Avengers. Because as it's been stated we'll only have access to 4 characters during the War Zone and Drop Zone mission. And they don't involve Captain America and Thor. So if you wanna get familiar with those 2 particular characters, you'll need to play the A-Day missions multiple times. Everything we know about Marvel's Avengers.

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