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Jeep invasion old Jeep display

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Jeepingmo shorts Great smoky mountain jeep invasion 2020
Day one of the show we visit the inside great hall area, and see some of the cool new products talk to a couple vendors. And as always see things that we need. We check out the CTI trailer and see a full measurement. Then we checked out golden spike Corey from the modern jeepers show podcast, pretty cool LJ. Check out the rest of the vendors then we end up changing a hub on my jeep. Can we go to Quaker steak and lube have a little dinner and see the car show that’s in her lower parking lot. Then we make her way over to MonsterMash burgers were they have another car show. Then we show you the easy window we bought while we were at the show. That will be your next video coming out next week.
We cannot wait to return back to pigeon Forge it was a beautiful area.

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