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I Fell In Love With My Bodyguard Pt.3

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878 photos taken
I can’t believe this is 26 minutes long ????
☺️ My efforts were not

Also trust me there are tons of Gacha logics and cliches in my videos so I warn you

Thank you everyone who were the first ones to watch my “I fell in love with my bodyguard” movies! To tell you guys the truth I waited for 3 months and then it finally got 1k views which got me super excited. I was not planning to make a part 2 because I was just going to end the movie with them kissing but ya’ll were like
“Uh huh gurl we need a part2” so that’s why I made the part two 7 months later!????????
But anyway thank you to the people who subscribed to me since the very beginning and till now ☺️ Part 4 will come out soon but I want to take a small break because I worked on this video for 3 days straight even though there was online school. Thank you guys for understanding!

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