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Well, we didn't see this one coming. Manny and the Eltham boys needed a result to lift their spirits after an exit from the cup and a terrible run of form. When they turned up to play Pheonix Knights they didn't expect to play 8 men! Their opponents offered a friendly and a 3-0 win, but Eltham thought otherwise, the more goals they could score, the higher their goal difference, which would put them in good stead to move up the league.

Slash Football is THE home of creator and grassroots football. Come with us as we celebrate the thrills and spills of Sunday League Football at its finest!

Every Sunday we bring you Park Life as Manny, TBJZL and the Eltham SF boys look to triumph amidst dodgy decisions, bad backpasses and managerial meltdowns.

On Friday's we've got fresh new episodes of Ballin Out, following new kids on the block Baiteze. From putting up their own nets, to taking down the top teams on YouTube - these boys are on a mission to become the undisputed #1.

We've also got Fresh Cut Grass - think Match of the Day for YouTube football - bringing you the latest highlights from Rebel FC, SE Dons, Palmers FC and more!

And if that wasn't enough, we've also got Premier League press conferences as you've never seen them before in U Wot M8?! Those managers say some scandalous things...

Subscribe now or you're on kit wash for the rest of the season! https://bit.ly/2HvT3o6

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