Happy Hour (Drama/Thriller Short Film)

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What starts as a typical night out for drinks with friends for Deroko and Libby takes a turn when she runs into someone from her past. Is there more going on or is it all in Deroko's head? And is there something far more dangerous lurking in the shadows?

Happy Hour (The short Film)
Written & Directed By Artemus Cole

Edgar Eguai
Nessa Noel
Stormi Maya
Samuel Van Wyk
Gene Presendieu
Nasreen Rahman
Hamza Zaman

Scott Kaufmann
Devon Billy
Lanier Westmoreland
Edward Turner

Cinematography: Ethan Jones
Sound Recording: Raphael Umana
1st Ad: Timothy Umana
Production Design: Timothy Umana & Edgar Jimz

Hair & Make Up:
Jolie Decosta
Dana Michele

Artemus Cole
Timothy Umana
Edgar Jimz
Edward Turner
Raphael Umana

Editor: Artemus Cole

All music used in this film is copyright free and provided by Youtube Audio.

Instagram: Mindbender_Entertainment
Facebook: MindBender Entertainment
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