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Gotway MSuper Pro Range Test - Riding with the Roll.nz bodyguard and Insta 360(WIND NOISE WARNING)

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Praise Yah, creator of Heaven, the Earth the Seas and all that in them is.

Short version with minimal wind noise and music here:

Hello all. In this video you will come on a 20mile ride with me as I take the MSuper Pro on it's first range test. Now this is not a range test where I baby the wheel, instead I ride how I typically would ride on that journey. I hit a top speed of 37mph, but for the most part, I ride at lower speeds that the average person would ride, at about 30-35mph. obviously, if you rode at a much lower speed you will attain a higher range. It is also important to note, that my weight with my gear is about lbs. I will create a much shorter video going into detail about the range test later. But for now I hope you enjoy the video, and I really apologize for the wind noise, I just wanted you you to come along for the ride.

Also notice my m superpro has on the bodyguard from I will also create a short review on this bodyguard which I feel adds to the aesthetics of the wheel in addition to helping the rider grip the wheel a lot better.

Finally the video is monetized, as I attempt to see if this is an approach I should take in the future. I hope not.

You can help this channel by clicking the link below when ordering your new wheel. Thank you


Enjoy and happy riding. ????

Enjoy the video and happy riding ????

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