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GoFundMe - DEADLY "CHESS GAME" Gothic Thriller TV Series - The Guardian Program

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Please donate at to help us film the TV Pilot on this epic story about following your heart!
If you like The Queen's Gambit, Undertale, BBC's Sherlock, Blade Runner, and Gotham, here's a new Dark Gothic Tale about two young women and former childhood best friends who are two sides of the same coin: one is the Master Strategist and genius detective who fights against becoming everything she fears as she strives to stop her friend from seeking revenge against those who framed their fathers for a crime they did not commit. The other is the Vengeful Manipulator with no compassion who fights against confronting everything she could’ve become by forcing her friend to learn the rules through a series of DEADLY CHESS GAMES under a short time limit where she must play judge and choose to gamble with the lives of her own team and innocent civilians to save those who framed their fathers, seeking to seduce her mind to become just like her. As the two women geniuses battle it out, in the end, will they discover if we are the ones controlling our own destinies, or are we just pawns on a chessboard?

Starring two strong Asian female leads and a diverse ensemble cast that includes LGBTQ+ characters, this TV show is like "The Queen's Gambit" vs. "BBC's Sherlock" in a world of "Gotham" vs. "Blade Runner" with Film Noir. The story is relevant to our current greedy society in a near economic collapse further worsened by a virus. Taking place in the year 2030 in a futuristic Gothic New York City filled with Art Deco buildings and architecture reminiscent of film noir with a hint of cyberpunk, and a dangerous environment of corruption, lost souls, and extreme weather plagued by global warming and oceans devastated by oil spills, this TV show is meant to help turn this world in a different direction from the dark future of where it’s headed. It is a compassionate story and spiritual journey about coming back to the Heart.

This LIVE ACTION series with an animated opening will also have a separate anime series, a video game series, a comic book/manga series, and merchandise/toys and collectibles such as special edition chess sets. The CHESS FEDERATION will be promoting the series nationwide, and (The #1 chess website in the world) will promote it to their 50,000,000+ members WORLDWIDE.

Contact us if you are interested in investing in this project!
???? Our email: lapistiger1@

Let us know your Thoughts and Feedback on the show in the Comments below! What are you most excited about?

Stay updated on this new LIVE Action Mystery/Thriller TV Series.
We are looking for Talented people to join our team on this series starring two strong Asian female leads and a large diverse ensemble cast in a DEADLY CHESS GAME that no one has ever done before!

"Scherzo Molto Vivace from Symphony No. 9 (Ludwig van Beethoven - Reimagined)" by Audiomachine
Composer: Paul Dinletir / Andres Gutierrez Moreno
Album: Reimagined

"Glory" (second song in trailer) composed by the talented Alan Lennon.
Please support him by following him on:



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