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FFXI - Domain Invasion Updated Guide

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In this video I discuss how Domain Invasion works after the Feb 2020 update (and March 2020 nerf) which added a new Dragon (Mireu) and made some other changes as well. Mireu is basically an HNM version of the normal dragons that spawn in Domain Invasion. Defeating it gives server-wide bonuses to domain invasion points.

My Original Domain Invasion Guide -

Changes to Domain Invasion Guide (Pre- Mireu) -

Domain Invasion is a public event that spawns multiple times per hour in each Escha Zitah, Escha Ru'Aun and Resenjima. It rewards the player with points that can be cashed in for a variety of different rewards.

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This video is part of a series of videos that I will be creating to explain how to progress your character if you are a new, or returning player of Final Fantasy 11.
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Final Fantasy 11 is the property of Square Enix. All game visuals and sounds belong to them and do not belong to me.

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