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Explaining Why These Trilogies Never Got A 4th Movie

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If filmmakers ever score a three-peat, a part four is almost always on the table. Here are some of the biggest trilogies in movie history, and just why nobody ever made that fourth film.

Christopher Nolan reinvented Batman, and the superhero movie genre itself, with his Dark Knight trilogy. The first movie, Batman Begins, showed how Bruce Wayne became a brooding vigilante fighting crime in the streets of Gotham City. Then, The Dark Knight had Batman facing off against the psychologically twisted Joker.

And it all came to a conclusion, with Wayne moving on, in The Dark Knight Rises.

The combination of visionary director and Batman proved irresistible for moviegoers: The trilogy earned a combined $ billion at the box office for studio Warner Brothers, and the demand for more Batman by Nolan movies was there. The problem was, Nolan didn't have an interest. His carefully mapped out trilogy told a complete story. Star Christian Bale told the Toronto Sun:

"When they inevitably came to us and said, 'How about a No. 4? I said, 'No. We have to stick to Chris's dream, which was always to, hopefully, do a trilogy. Let's not stretch too far and become overindulgent and go for a fourth."

In 1998, a decade before the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with Iron Man, one of the first modern movies based on a Marvel property hit theaters. That film was Blade, starring Wesley Snipes as Eric Brooks, Blade, a "daywalker" half-vampire who hunts down and kills bad guy vampires. Comic book movies weren't yet massive moneymakers, but Blade earned $70 million for New Line Cinema, who let Blade 2 loose in 2002. That was a hit, too, leading to the third chapter, Blade: earned a relatively paltry $52 million. Keep watching the video because we are explaining why these trilogies never got a 4th movie.

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The Dark Knight | 0:11
Blade | 1:15
Spider-Man | 2:22
The Hangover | 4:02
The Maze Runner | 5:10
Back to the Future | 6:12
Austin Powers | 7:30
Planet of the Apes | 8:41
The Godfather | 9:55
Divergent | 11:19
Evil Dead | 12:26
The Chronicles of Narnia | 13:58
Night at the Museum | 15:06
Rush Hour | 16:21
Harold and Kumar | 17:27

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