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Exorcist III (1990) Greatest Psychological Thriller Ever

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Greetings, Programs! Today's #WatchBrando is a Movie Discussion FOR HALLOWEEN 2016 of Why I Think "Exorcist III Is the Greatest Psychological Thriller of All-Time".

[This is the “Censored” version of this video. The uncut edition was released Halloween day, 2016 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTjyrj66G9w), but was erroneously blocked thanks to a bot and YouTube’s ignorance to establish a better content ID system for small, but significant YouTubers. This “Censored” version took over nine cuts/tries to get it live.

Changes made:
-Re-edit of ‘The Discovery of Dyer’s Body’ dialogue scene and unfortunate removal of my re-edit comparison to show how it would have been crafted today, in the (shitty) modern horror age.
-NEW title card edit and re-arranging, including NEW footage and analysis.
-Deletion of the editing comparison with Se7en, and instead a NEWLY added comparison of action scene editing with Se7en.
-Unfortunately had to cut the opening joke of breakfast scene for the ‘Humor’ section.
-NEW edit of one of the still photos.
-Sped up a section in a scene for the ‘Ahead of the Curve’ segment.
-Removal of the credits song, replaced with a song from the free YouTube library.
-Original Uncut run-time 36:02, Censored Edition run-time 33:03

I apologize for the ridiculous and unneeded delay but I thank you all, for your patience and understanding.]

00:00 - History Lesson
2:06 - Humorous and Settling
4:07 - Just as Unsettling
4:50 - What You Don't See Is Scarier
8:16 - Excellent Script / One-Liners
10:00 - The Award Worthy Acting
12:49 - Exorcist III Would Not Have Been Made Today; It's Too Good
13:16 - Exorcist III's approach vs Se7en's
15:18 - Exorcist III has NO tropes
16:33 - William Peter Blatty: Ahead of the Curve
24:12 - The Case for Including The Exorcism
26:08 - Exorcist III: The Brando Cut
30:49 - Exorcist III: The Brando (Extended) Cut
31:54 - Conclusion
32:31 - Credits

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Thanks for watching!

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