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Documentary film: When the Plague Arrives - A Historical Perspective | Crossroads | Epoch Times

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Nearly every country in the world felt the impact of the new coronavirus, whether it was lockdowns, economic loss, or the impact of the virus itself. Yet, while the recent virus is unique in having the whole world face it together, pandemics like this have existed throughout history, and we can look to history to better understand how people in the past would regard a trial like this.

"When the Plague Arrives" is a documentary from our partner media NTD, and although its advertisements have been censored by YouTube, we believe it's important to show a film like this. Joshua Philipp, host of Crossroads, was among the contributors to this documentary, which pulls from classic literature and ancient history, and relates the lessons from the past to the world today. May it bring clarity and hope during this time of crisis.

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