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Django the Bastard - A mysterious stranger appears to take terrifying revenge on former Confederate officers who during the Civil War betrayed and were responsible for the massacre of their unit.

Django the Bastard (1969)
Filmaker: Sergio Garrone
Writers: Sergio Garrone (original story and script), Anthony Steffen (original story and script) (as Antonio De Teffè)
Stars: Anthony Steffen, Paolo Gozlino, Luciano Rossi
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Date of publication: 5 January 1971 (West Germany)
Also known as: Stranger's Gundown

A mysterious stranger appears to take terrifying revenge on former Confederate officers who during the Civil War betrayed and were responsible for the massacre of their unit.

"A mysterious gunman dressed in black arrives in a western town and begins killing selected people who had betrayed him in the past.

The question is whether the mysterious gunman is alive or dead. But you have to see the movie to find out!

Great performance by Anthony Steffen as the stranger seeking revenge.

This movie could be a hybrid of Clint Eastwood's "High Plains Drifter" and "Pale Rider".

You won't be disappointed." Written by on

"A stranger, filmed at strange angles, walks purposefully into town, stands outside the bar, and plants a cross on the ground, bearing the name of a man inside. The man and his henchmen confront the stranger outside only to find the date of death on the cross is this very day, and that date of death will soon be

People criticize Antonio Steffan for being a wooden actor, but he fits the bill perfectly! Steffan plays Django, a man who may or may not be the vengeful ghost of a Confederate soldier who wants to kill his commanding officers who sold their troops to the Yankees. There are two other officers on his list, but these guys have money at their money that can buy many hired gunmen.

Murdok is the main guy that Django has in his sights, and he's the one who hires the guns. He also has some domestic problems since he basically pays Rada Rassimov to marry his psychotic brother (Luciano Rossi, playing crazy as usual), and she's not happy with this setup. Rossi is also out of control, dragging a man to his death and killing the local sheriff for opposing this. He's also the only person who remotely comes close to finding out if Django is a ghost or just a guy with human skin.

That's the main question of the movie - is Django a ghost? He seems to appear wherever he wants (even around a fire where the bad guys talk about him, in the background when the bad guys come out of the shot, and he even seems to dodge a bullet at one point), and he also seems to murder a lot of hired guns. Some are even sent to town dead, crucified, on horseback. He really is a bastard!

The plot is simple here, which seems to help things. Django knows who he's going to kill and he intends to do it, and that's it. It's interesting that although Luciano Rossi's character seems to draw blood from Django, nobody seems to believe his claims that Django is a ghost! The ending blurs the lines even more here too." Written by Bezenby on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Django il bastardo
Austria (DVD title): Django der Bastard
Belgium (English title): Django the Bastard
Belgium (Flemish title): Een Bende ploerten voor Django
Belgium (French title): La Horde des salopards
Brazil: Django, o Bastardo
Denmark: Bastarden Django
Greece (transliterated title): Django, to megalo katharma
Portugal: O Sinal de Django
Soviet Union (Russian title): Ублюдок Джанго
Spain (poster title): El bastardo
Spain (DVD title): Django el bastardo
Spain: Django el bastardo
Sweden (video title): Banditernas fiende
Turkey (Turkish title): Cango, haydutlara ölüm
UK (video box title): Django: The Bastard
USA (DVD box title): The Strangers Gundown
USA: Django the Avenger
USA: Django the Bastard
West Germany: Django und die Bande der Bluthunde
West Germany (video title): Höllenhunde gehetzt bis zum Verrecken


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