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Disaster| Destruction| Thriller| Suspense Music | No Copyright Music by Just LEE

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This track is non-copyrighted, you may use it in your Social Media Projects for free. Just make sure to copy and paste the music description. Check out my playlists as well! Thank you.

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Disclaimer : I am not a professional in this field. I am just a newbie trying to experiment. I love music, and very happy with what I'm doing. I would love to hear your opinion, suggestion and etc in the comment section for improvements. Please be informed that I arranged the beats myself to create a music. I did not copy from any songs published in any part of the world. If this music sounds similar to yours, it's a coincidence and purely unintentional. Thank you so much.

You are free to use this music track (even for commercial purposes), but you must include the following in your video description (copy & paste):

Music : Lost In The Dark
Prod By : Just LEE
Facebook :
Instagram :

Email me and I will send you the file or simply use the Youtube to Mp3 Converter to get the file. Thank You.

For business, collaborations and sponsorship, please contact me.

???? Email : leekingkawayan@

???? Mobile Number :

???? Gcash :

Thanks for your undying love and support. I am always grateful for people like you. Don't forget to like, share and hit the bell icon for upcoming uploads. Thank you!

God Bless Us All!!

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