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Full Western Film: Black Killer - In Tombstone, a new sheriff vows to clean up the town of outlaws like the O'Hara brothers and is assisted by a strange lawyer who always carries two large law books with him.

Black Killer (1971)
Director: Carlo Croccolo (as Lucky Moore)
Writers: Luigi Angelo (story), Carlo Croccolo (story) (as Charlie Foster)
Stars: Klaus Kinski, Fred Robsahm, Antonio Cantafora
Genres: Crime | Drama | Western
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 27 November 1971 (Italy)
Also Known As: Assassino Negro
Filming Locations: De Paolis/INCIR Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy

The town of Tombstone is at the mercy of the five dreaded O'Hara brothers: Ramon (Antonio Cantafora), Pedro (Enzo Pulcrano), Miguel (Calogero Caruana), Ryan (Antonio Danesi)& Slide (Mimmo Maggio). An expert gunslinger, Burt Collins (Fred Robsham), arrives in Tombstone and is immediately persuaded to take on the duties of sheriff. A mysterious lawyer, James Webb (Klaus Kinski), lurking mostly in the background and occasionally joins in on the action with his deadly law books.

"Many spaghetti westerns had absurd gimmicks that made them memorable while at the same time subverting the iconography of their traditional American counterparts. Perhaps most famously there was Django and his coffin, in Black Killer we have Klaus Kinski's lawyer with his guns disguised as books! Like a lot of the spaghetti western gimmicks it's simultaneously completely silly and very cool. On the whole though, its business as usual spaghetti western style in this movie. We have a lawless town called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Tombstone which is terrorised by a gang of Mexican bandits called somewhat improbably the O'Hara gang. A mysterious drifter called Burt who is adept with a fire-arm comes into town and is made new sheriff by the fearful locals. The bandits subsequently kill his brother and rape his sister-in-law, an Indian called Sarah. Burt and Sarah band together, with the help of Kinski's lawyer to get revenge.

To be honest, the story-telling is a little confused and messy in this one. And it can appear a lot more convoluted than it really should do. But it ultimately is a pretty straightforward violent western. The sexual violence is fairly unpleasant, while one of the unfortunate early sheriffs is shot several times and then killed with a knife. It was good to see the character of Sarah get in on the retribution though – a female Indian with deadly skills with a bow and arrow made for a pleasant contrast to the typical taciturn gunfighter anti-hero she teams up with. Kinski is good as always as the lawyer who we can only assume the film is named after. He is in a rare good(ish) guy role in this one. He is dubbed with a silly English accent though it has to be said which is quite distracting. All-in-all though, this is a pretty entertaining spaghetti western." Written by Red-Barracuda on

"A dark, gritty and to the bone nihilistic western, that is really fun to watch. By all means one of the cheaper spaghetti's. But it's blessed with many cool scenes of violence, strange dialog and good old sleazzzzz. There's more than one moment of unnecessary nudity here. Don't take it to seriously though cause it's just a fun ride, and nothing more. The white horse Burt Collins rides is said to be the same horse that gets loaded in Cat Ballou. The actor Fred Robsahm is actually from Norway and he's currently residing in a small town called Lillesand." Written by bluejuice-1 on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Black Killer
Brazil (reissue title): O Pistoleiro Negro
Brazil: O Matador Negro
Canada (English title): Black Killer
Chile: Black Killer
Greece (transliterated title): Katazitoumenos gia 1000 fonous
Portugal: Assassino Negro
Romania: Ucigaşul în negru
Slovenia (DVD title): Crni morilec
Slovenia: Crni ubijalec
Spain: El pistolero de negro
UK: Black Killer
West Germany (cable TV title): Black Killer
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) (literal title): Crni ubica


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