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Batch of 2020 - Beyond Degrees & Certificates (Docu-film)

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With the lack of clarity on what’s next for a graduate we curated a docu-film with experts from various walks of life to share some of their experiences, stories and opinions on topics that a youngster is currently trying to find answers to. This docu-film features nothing but raw data paired with real-life stories to help youngsters with a wealth of information, inspiration, and insight.

This is a dedication to the Batch of 2020 and to every youngster in general who through the years have succumbed to the pressure and anxiety of being defined by just certificates and degrees.


Welcome Address: Hrithik Roshan – 0:24 – 3:19
Intro – 3:19 – 7:04
Everything you need to know about graduating in 2020: Faye D’Souza – 7:04 – 13:08
Lessons from other batches: Anupama Chopra, Roshan Abbas & Armaan Malik – 13:08 – 18:10
First Year after graduation: Reba John & Jordindian – 18:10 – 20:55
Dropping Out: Deepika Padukone – 20:55 – 29:51
Why does formal education exist the way it does?: Rega Jha & Raghava KK – 29:51 – 37:12
Qualities a graduating student must have in 2020: Akash Iyer, Anand Gandhi, Debosmita Majumder & Dhruv Chitgopekar – 37:12 – 4:19
Tools to Reboot: Tanmay Bhat – 47:19 - 52:50
Message to the batch of 2020 – All speakers – 52:50 – 54:52
End Credits with Bryden Parth: 54:52 – 59:00

Under 25 Studios

Under 25 Studios is an entertainment company that produces and distributes premium original content for TV, OTT, podcasts & brand partners.

Written & Narrated By – Anto Philip
Under 25 Studios – Shaun Reneaux, Ashfaq Ahmad
Creative Director – Siddarth Mohandas
Illustrator & Animator – Mansi Misra
Curation – Rishab Agnihotri
Project Manager – Ryan Gonsalves

Illustrators & Animators

Maria Rose George
Jeevanath Viswanath
Aishwarya Nair
Adyatha Bhat

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