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Akhri Safar | Horror short film | SBA vines | Horror story

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Akhri Safar | Horror short film | SBA vines | Horror story

Hello viewers ! We are back with an thriller/horror short film that will definitely scare you.
This story revolves around a rikshaw driver who is quite strange. A passenger gets down from the bus and he meets him.
Passenger asks him to take him to his hostel. Then both of them sit in the rikshaw and start talking to each other. then some abnormal incidents happen in there

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content writers: Engr waqar Noor

Direction and cinematography: Jamal Bhatti

Edited by: Engr Waqar Noor and Jamal Bhatti

Umair Ansaari
Engr Waqar Noor
jamal Bhatti
Toseef khanzada


SBA vines is a family channel. We upload only family content. So feel easy to watch our video with your family.
Our content writer Engr Waqar Noor, Director Jamal Bhatti and hardworking
members Umair ansari and toseef khanzada are working hard to entertain you.

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