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A crime thriller film #KeerthiChawla#Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road #KeerthiChawla#NEWTAMILMOVIES

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#KeerthiChawla Letest Tamil MOVIES #Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road #KeerthiChawla#NEWTAMILMOVIES
Swetha 5/10 Wellington Road
Directed by Sanjay
Produced by G. Company
Written by Sanjay
Keerthi Chawla
Music by Surya
Cinematography S. Vivek Kumar
Edited by V. J. Sabu
G. Company
Release date
13 November 2009
Running time 75 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

The college student Swetha (Keerthi Chawla) lives in a bungalow at 5/10 Wellington Road. Her parents and the security guard are not at home for the day so Swetha spends the day swimming in her swimming pool and talking to her boyfriend (Krish), a motorbike racer, on phone. After a motorbike race, Swetha's boyfriend went drinking at the bar and Swetha invites him to her house on phone. Swetha then gets a phonecall and gives her home address. The night, a man with a mask (Shiv) rings at her doorbell and thinking that he is her boyfriend, she takes him to her bedroom. The man finally takes off his mask and he is not her boyfriend. The intruder tells her that he had listened to their phone conversation in a bar and had stolen her boyfriend's mobile phone. With his phone, he posed as a courier boy and asked her address home.

In her bedroom, the intruder blackmails Swetha to share her intimate videos on the internet if she doesn't have sex with him. At that moment, the doorbell rings, the intruder quickly ties her up with ropes and puts her in a closet. At the door, it is the pizza deliveryman and Swetha manages to escape from the closet. A cat-and-mouse game begins between Swetha and the intruder. The intruder finally catches Swetha and he beats her up, therefore, Swetha falls unconscious. Thereafter, Swetha's boyfriend arrives at her house and has a fight with the intruder. The two lovers manage to escape and they hide in the terrasse but they then split up. The intruder catches Swetha once again and attempts to rape her in her bedroom but she manages to escape. At the swimming pool, the intruder tries to stop Swetha and her boyfriend comes to her rescue. The intruder eventually defeats him. The film ends with Swetha killing the intruder by stabbing him in the throat.
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