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10 Important Reasons Why McDonald's Is Always So Cheap

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List of the top 10 important reasons why McDonald's is always so cheap. Ever wonder how can a fast food chain ever make money from a cheap food?
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Here are 10 Important Reasons Why McDonald’s Is Always So Cheap. Sure, one of the best things about fast-food is that it’s quick and easy, without putting a strain on your wallet. Ever wonder why?

McDonald’s sells its food for a low-cost and still makes money. Do you know how do they do it? Time to find out the real reasons McDonald's is so cheap. If you enjoyed this video list of the top 10 important reasons why McDonald's is always so cheap in the United States of America and around the world. Comment: #McDonalds #FastFood #Cheap

0:00 Important Reasons Why McDonald's Is Always So Cheap
0:16 Switch to Digital Menus
1:18 Wholesale is Everything
2:23 Selling Cheap Food Makes Money
3:37 Cheap Ingredients
4:58 Big Partnerships With Big Companies
6:18 It Has A Big Side Business
7:40 Mass-Produced Meat
9:07 History of McDonald’s
10:33 Low Prices Lure People In
12:06 Cheap Labor

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